San Diego rhinoplasty frequently asked questions:

Q: Will my nose be fractured or broken during surgery?

A: Osteotomies, or fine cuts in the bone, are often used to narrow the upper third of the nose or close an “open roof” after a hump removal. This may result in minor bruising or swelling, which usually vanishes after a week.

Q: Will my nose be packed during rhinoplasty?

A: The surgeons rarely pack the nose, in recent times, because of the use of high-quality precision instruments that take care of bleeding concerns. A fine gauze will be inserted for one night to absorb drainage, and this is removed the next morning after surgery.

Q: When will my nose look good?

A: Within a week, the splint will be removed, along with any other supportive stuff that is used. At this time the nose will remain a bit swollen, but in most cases look highly improved and beautiful and ready to be seen. Most of the swelling will disappear within a month, and your nose will gradually look better.

Q: How much time off from work do I need for my rhinoplasty?

A: Most patients take a week off for privacy reasons, but, if you so desire, can sit at your desk or computer within a couple of days.

Q: Why do you charge so much for a San Diego rhinoplasty job?

A: Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult cosmetic surgery procedures, with some procedures lasting more than 3-4 hours. Your rhinoplasty cost at our clinic consists of the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee, operating room charges, along with follow-up care and appointments for a whole year, along with surgeon’s fees for any minor touch-ups if required. The surgeon’s fee normally depends on his experience and skills. We feel that cost should not be a constraint when you are planning surgery on such a vital part of your face, but we understand it is a factor for many patients and hence financing is offered to them so that they can afford the costs involved.

So,What else do you need for a San Diego rhinoplasty? Contact us immediately and see how are expert surgeons can enhance your facial beauty and correct all anomalies or incongruities that you may have.